Neoland School of Chinese Culture

The Neoland School of Chinese Culture is an online educational enterprise founded by Dr Donia Zhang in Ontario, Canada, in 2012, with its registered trade name Chinese Culture Publishing, in 2019.

The word “Neoland” was initially inspired by the name “New World” that has historically been designated to the Americas – the rediscovered “Garden of Eden.” Here, it has expanded its meaning to denote the land outside China. The word “culture” in Middle English means “cultivate” or “cultivation,” which sensibly connects to the word “land.” The Chinese name for Neoland is “新天地” (literally means “New Heaven and Earth”). It has a sense of connecting the past with the present and future.

The Neoland School of Chinese Culture Ltd. is a sister company of the former Neolife Chinese Medical Clinic Inc. which had been successfully operated by the founder’s family in Ontario, Canada for 17-18 years (1997-2014). The curriculum includes teaching about traditional Chinese medicine; hence it is called “Neoland+Neolife=Curriculum” (Neoland×Neolife=10n), which is generating a book, The Curriculum for Chinese Culture (forthcoming).

What is unique about Chinese culture?
Computer drawing of the campus plan for Neoland School by Donia Zhang, 2013
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